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Kid Cudi, Tai chi, and the 5th dimension…How they all changed my life.

Around 2012, I walked into FYE and I heard this raw, unapologetic story on wax. The beat was hot and the lyrics were so reminiscent to my life that I walked up to the clerk and asked them who was on the speaker? The clerk replied, Kid Cudi “Soundtrack of my life”. This song has taken me through some of the darkest places in my life. Kid Cudi was talking some intergalactic, hippie shroom shit, later to help me ascend to what we would call the 5th dimension. Crazy talk, I know. On this single soundtrack, Cudi laid his emotions and early life on the line and I was feeling everything he was saying, almost to tears. I felt the things he said in this track so strongly that over ten years later in my book I created my forward. We’re living in a crazy world, peace and happiness seem to be the elusive carrot on a stick, for me, I feel happy and content. If I do say so myself Ive been fight every single dam day and arrived at the door of the 5th dimension haphazardly.

  • What motivated me to write such a provocative essay?

  • When and how did I determine that I made it into the 5th dimension?

  • How do the three seemingly unrelated concepts coincide?

Third Dimension ~ The Awakening

I've got some issues that nobody can see

And all of these emotions are pouring out of me

I bring them to the light for you

It's only right

This is the soundtrack to my life, the soundtrack to my life.

~ Kid Cudi~

The definition of the the third dimension: things in the third dimension often have a physical appearance, such as size. Because of the density of matter, these often have a slow vibration. It is therefore hard for a human to understand that we eventually can create shapes from thoughts. The third dimension is governed by the sense of duality. If the soul becomes more aware, matters are no longer perceived as black and white or yes and no. Pain, emotional challenges and suffering are pushed forward and good or bad karma is built… Each event is analyzed within its context. This is a sign that the soul is busy growing out of the illusion of the third dimension.

Coming from a religious background a lot of things were black and white, I would often judge situations from high moral ground unbeknownst me. My ex wife often say that I was judging her harshly and in my fresh twenties I didn’t understand what she meant. We first must go through different dimensions in order to land at the 5th, the dimensions prior to the fifth have to happen, most times we don’t even understand why we’re going through what we’re going through. There have been plenty of moments in my life where I was wondering why these things were happening to me. I soon came to realized that I wasn’t the only one experiencing life. I mean, we all know this but the level of comprehension isn’t there, like, truly thinking that someone else is experiencing either the same or worst has to be a constant exercise. This is the reason why I wrote my book Ryze Above to hopefully give my audience the tools to navigate these dimensions I speak of. In the soundtrack to my life, Kid Cudi talks about the sadness in his life, how he has been trying to piece the pieces of the puzzle in his life together. My mother was abusive and I often sat in the basement trying to piece together why things were going on in my life the way they were. It wasn’t until I hit high school that I began to understand the duality of life within the practice of martial arts. Yin and Yang, Hard and soft, Good and evil. If there is to be good there must also be evil and Kid Cudi was showing the bad that was going on in his life, fighting through addiction he always seen a slither of hope. What I didn’t realize was how much Kid Cudi helped me in ascending the dimensions, see Kid Cudi started with very poignant expression of his life and eventually became abstract in his artistry. As an onlooker watching his abstraction on a surface level may be a turned off, but after watching his movie Entergalactic I had a deeper connection to his music and his artistry. Kid Cudi made it to the 5th dimension a long time ago and I hadn’t even realize it, being as I just arrived at the age of 34. Becoming aware of myself, is a hard thing to do. I needed to be diligent about my efforts in learning myself. Even through research and readings, I hadn’t arrived immediately. The understanding of the third dimension, which I coined the awakening is to understand we all have issues, imperfections and things we need to work on. The “sky might fall”, and the “rainstorms never end”, but I will continue to have a strong will until my journey ends. Are you still with me? Let's take a journey to the fourth.

Fourth Dimension ~ The paradigm shift

The fourth dimension is regarded as a kind of transition to the fifth dimension. It is seen as a portal to higher worlds. Opening the heart is key in this. The vibrations in this dimension resonate higher than the physical and dense world of the matter as we experience this in the third dimension. It’s also a dimension in which we need to learn to forgive. You start to crave a lifestyle from the heart that is totally different from what we are used to in the third dimension. You still experience the duality (good/evil, light/dark, female/male) but you are completely aware of the fact you have to work on yourself. You try to solve the problems in your life that are caused by duality. By experiencing this it becomes possible to access higher dimensions later on.

I tried to piece the puzzle of the universe

Split an eighth of shrooms just so I could see the universe

I tried to think about myself as a sacrifice

Just to show the kids they ain't the only ones who up at night….

Now I'm in the cut, alcohol in the wound

My hearts an open sore that I hope heals soon.

~Kid Cudi~

The other reason for writing my book was a form of therapy and shadow work for myself, my heart was an open sore that I needed healed. What I mean by shadow work is, I dealt with my demons, imperfections and short comings head on. I didn’t make any excuses as to why I erred, I just understood the duality of being human. Perfection is a unicorn, it’s a carrot on a stick to keep us moving in a direction, lost. Through understanding the duality of humanity I was also able to forgive those whom I felt trespassed against me. All this time Kid Cudi was doing his shadow work on Wax and I followed in format via journal entries leading up to my book. I often walked around holding on this regret, that I by moving to DC I made one of, if not, the biggest mistake in my life. I quit a perfectly paying job, had a car and a place of my own and gave it all up only to struggle for the next four years. One of my greatest epiphanies was when my electricity cut off. I light a candle, and like Indiana Jones candle in hand, I look at all my pairs of sneakers not how he looked at the jewels he found but more with disdain. See when I was up I was up and never prepared for the time I was down, lesson learned. I had to shed that regret and resentment because those 4 years are what I needed to transition.

Fifth Dimension ~ The arrival

Manifestation through thoughts becomes possible. Emotions are still present, but you no longer let them fool you. You possess a sort of mastery over yourself. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are higher than those of the physical, dense world of the earth. Factually, they can vibrate at speeds that are faster than the speed of light. This makes manifestation and creation by thoughts possible. The heart is in charge. The higher self (your soul) is matched with the heart. Love prevails, because our actions are made from the heart and no longer from the head.

"You teach me war but speak much about peace, how do you reconcile the two," says the student to his teacher. His reply, "it’s better to be warrior in a garden than a gardener in war." I love this quote, martial arts is of course for self defense but also a way of achieving a certain level of mastery over self. I am a wing chun practitioner and now learning tai chi the ultimate fist but the ultimate conduit to mastery of self, the slow and controlled movements force me

to be in the present and in control. Consistent martial practices, teaches you to be aware of your present moment, not just during training. This one morning I woke, start brushing my teeth and I look in the mirror, contentment is the best way I can define it. No resentment for the past and no angst for the future, just me in the present moment. Everything I’ve been through has lead me here, the 5th dimension, a firm understanding of self.

In a short period of time you and I are commissioned to experience life no matter what religion or denomination, you are commissioned to live your life the best you can live it. At the ripe age of 36 I realized every significant experience I faced and response to such has lead me here. Where is here? Well here is the 5th dimension, a dimension created for peace, some kind of paradise. Not the type of paradise you hear about in the biblical sense but the one that if you’re not careful to listen out for you miss, like a bullet train. The 5th dimension is where you arrive and the 3rd and 4th are for you to go through. I look to the future and am optimistic about it not because I have my shit together but because I have learned enough about myself and the world to be optimistic about the world.

Similar to the lyrics below by Kid Cudi.

Grey clouds took together fam,

Lining piercing to another land

Over the desert wit' the lost play,

Soul searching each in every way,

An then you see tha,

Awesome sounds so profound within,

It'll grip can see it,

If you hear you can feel it too,

Somethin' special I am runnin' to,

'Til then I go,

Away very far away,

To another universe where all people say,

Its a new new place for the special to embrace,

Like a martian you seein' it,

Wandered out the place,

Take what you need from the valley of tha hopeful,

Even if you dry you'll be floatin' high above it,

You can say Bye Bye Bye,

Sky might be fallin' but remember you can fly high.

Thank you family for reading my post.

Yours Truly,

5King Carroll

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