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Authentic, genuine, transparent and the coolest author you will ever meet!

About Me

King Carroll 5

Hey Family, first I want to say thank you for coming to my page as well as congratulations for taking a step towards the manifesting your authentic life. I was recently asked what qualified me to help people live their authentic truth? My initial answer was,  I am qualified because as a trainer people come to me to fulfill their physical needs and the physical is just the outward manifestation of how you feel inside. After pondering the thought, the true answer is I am not,  you’re  the most qualified person to help you live your true authentic life. Me, I am just a facilitator, this is the way that I position my business to facilitate change no matter the level of my expertise and the expertise of my staff. To find your authentic truth and live an authentic life is not an empirical answer, meaning it can't be measured by stats, or numbers. The only measure of your life is going to be you. 

Ryze is a culmination and combination of my lived experience and professional development. I wanted to stream line all these abstract thoughts I had and put them all in one place. Some of the best self help books asked me to do stuff and that gave me some buy in and when I actually did the work, I seen positive changes in my life and thats what I wanted my book to do. I also wanted to be real about my journey, I feel like if I am real about my journey you wouldn't feel so bad about the things you went through in your life. I also wanted to show you hope with my story.  

Currently, right now, I attend Community College of Philadelphia. I am pursuing my AA in Behavior Health and Human Services. I am apart of two organizations, one through school the Center for Male Engagement and the other a non- profit organization named recession Proof Extreme, this organization is dedicated to helping folks increase their financial literacy.  

There are a set of values I live by and have been living by them from an early age, because I want your experience on my website to be about you I'll share only a few. I hope you enjoy and hope to hear from you soon.

Through the principle Kaizen which means to become better everyday I vowed to be a life long learner.  Seeing the world through this lens has opened me up to lessons across all spectrums of my life both personally and professionally. 

In my life time, I've acquired personal training certifications, nutritionist certifications, TRX certifications, cupping certifications. At the moment, I am currently studying to become a Yoga instructor and in school for Behavioral Health and Human Services. 


Aspire to Inspire

My aspiration has always been to help others achieve their dreams. I started this practice early in my 20's when I volunteered for a company called UTB, where I publicly spoke and step danced. When I flew to Seattle I built a step team for Green River Community College. I am currently a participant in two groups with philanthropy as the aim. 

You can see more on my Instagram

In combination with my lived experience and professional development I bring to you Ryze Above inc, my life coaching company created to help you live a more authentic life.  


My daughter, my heart in human form. The reason I want to make the world better.


The time I met Jay Cutler in the elevator 4x Mr. Olympian.


The time I met Rodney Mcleod Jr at the Sneaker ball 2023, Ex Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles.


The time I met Malcolm Jenkins at the same sneaker ball I met Mr. Mcleod. Ex. Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles.


Working in the family business.


My first jujitsu match


My family in DC/MD.


The time Matt Leo came into my job for a massage.


I competed as a bodybuilder/physique competitor for 5 years.

Live, Love & Laugh

In my journey,  I've become something like a renaissance man. People will tell you to specialize, but by nature humans are so much more complex. Life evs and flows I have experienced ups and downs but one thing I want you to always do is smile and love your life.


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