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Essential Coaching

"Unlock Your Potential with Essential Coaching"

  • 30 minutes
  • Philadelphia

Service Description

During each coaching session, the coach and client will typically engage in a conversation that explores the client's goals, challenges, and progress towards achieving those goals. The coach may ask questions to help the client gain clarity and insight, provide feedback and encouragement, and offer practical strategies and tools for overcoming obstacles and making progress. The essential coaching plan typically includes the following features: Four coaching sessions per month: These sessions are typically scheduled in advance and are designed to provide clients with regular support and guidance as they work towards their goals. Phone or Zoom video calls: Coaching sessions may be conducted by phone or video call, depending on the preferences of the client and coach. Goal-setting and progress tracking: The coach and client will work together to identify specific goals and track progress towards those goals over time. Personalized support and guidance: The coach will provide individualized support and guidance to help the client overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and make progress towards their goals. Accountability: The coach may help the client establish accountability mechanisms to ensure that they follow through on commitments and take consistent action towards their goals. Overall, the essential coaching plan provides clients with regular, personalized support and guidance as they work towards achieving their goals, making progress and gaining momentum over time.

Contact Details

  • Philadelphia, PA, USA


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