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Elite Coaching

  • 30 minutes
  • Philadelphia

Service Description

An elite life coaching plan typically includes more comprehensive and personalized coaching services, designed for individuals who want to take their personal or professional development to the next level. The following describes an elite life coaching plan that includes four 30-minute coaching sessions per month, as well as two 30-minute movement sessions: Four 30-minute coaching sessions per month: These sessions are typically conducted via phone or video call and are designed to provide clients with personalized support and guidance as they work towards their goals. During these sessions, the coach and client will engage in deep conversations that explore the client's aspirations, challenges, and progress. The coach may provide feedback, insights, and strategies to help the client overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and make progress towards their goals. Two 60-minute movement sessions per month: These sessions may include any form of movement or exercise that the client prefers, such as stretching, or hit workout. These sessions are designed to help the client connect with their body, release tension and stress, and increase energy and vitality. The coach may provide guidance on movement techniques and mindfulness practices to help the client cultivate a deeper mind-body connection. Personalized goal-setting and progress tracking: The coach and client will work together to identify specific goals and track progress towards those goals over time. The coach may help the client clarify their values and priorities, and create action plans to achieve their desired outcomes. Accountability and support: The coach may help the client establish accountability mechanisms, such as daily or weekly check-ins, to ensure that they follow through on commitments and take consistent action towards their goals. The coach may also provide emotional support and encouragement to help the client overcome obstacles and stay motivated. Additional resources and tools: The coach may provide additional resources and tools to support the client's personal or professional development, such as articles, books, or online courses. Overall, the elite life coaching plan provides clients with comprehensive and personalized support to help them achieve their goals and create positive changes in their lives. The inclusion of movement sessions can help clients cultivate a deeper mind-body connection and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

Contact Details

  • Philadelphia, PA, USA


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