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The Origin of Humanity (short essay)

Race cannot be determined by skin because the origin of all humanity was found in Africa according to Dr. Wells. If I could add Yuval Noah Harari author of Sapiens would also agree with Dr. Wells findings. Dr. Wells, a self-proclaimed European, sought to dispel age old question, what is the origin of man. He started this social experiment by testing his DNA, the test led him back to Africa where their hues were darker than his. Upon meeting the San Bushman Dr. Wells could identify different features of other (ethnicity which at this point is more accurate description than a description) races within their facial features. Dr. Wells expressed that their eyes were reminiscent of south Asian, to their high cheek bones which were like that of the Mongolians and mid brown skin which showed a proclivity of adaptation, meaning it could either get darker or lighter depending on the location.  Taking Charles Darwin's thought into consideration of evolution the change is skin color is only an evolutional adaptation to different locations away from the equator in efforts to help our ancestors absorb more vitamin D. The adaptations also happened due to the climate changes. Vitamin D is important for bone structure and other cellular processes.

Dr. Well research showed us that race is a social construct and not a biological fact. After revealing his research to a man in Australia he was resistant to the fact that he had African DNA. He also presented his science to the Navaho native Americans, and they were reluctant to accept that science as well. Not until Dr. Wells showed the picture of lineage that he followed and one of the pictures of a middle eastern ancestor who resembled his grandfather. Both the Australian researcher and Native American were more concerned about the generations of stories that was passed down as opposed to the truth. This is the same issue that we see in present times in America, a false narrative of those who truly discovered Americas and a disparity for those who are melanated. I identify as an African American, Puerto Rican and Irish. Being Puerto Rican means that I have 64% European blood, 21% African and 15% Native Taino. I mostly identify with the African American group, secondly Puerto Rican and only speak about my Irish heritage when drinking.  

A stereotype is an idea about something that is conforming to a fixed or general pattern, I acquired the definition from Merriam In my experience, I’ve heard that other races don’t like African Americans. This notion fits the definition of a stereotype because I have friends of all walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds. The racial construct affects me negatively because of the stereotypes surrounding being an African American may put people on edge when they first meet me. Another way I am affected negatively, If I were ever in need of resources, it would be hard for me to access them as African Americans are last to get resources. There was a moment in time where I would benefit from being an African American in America where there was policy in place affirmative action, that policy was recently abolished.

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