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Although education is important for the future of each generation it is the slowest sector to get technology and grow. Our thoughts surrounding teaching and learning need to change. We all know that teaching tends to lean towards having one size fits all framework. We may catch most children in this bucket, but there will be outliers. Speaking from personal experience I struggled with math, I am not sure if it was how my brain works or how the teachers were showing me, but I struggled with Algebra. Often getting the answer right but not understanding the process that got me there I would often get either half credit or the full question wrong. What if technology could teach me algebra in a way that resonates with my personality? I believe that is the direction of AI in education.


Risk Factors 

Although we’ve been conditioned to accept artificial intelligence, through a litany of movies, there are still concerns surrounding use cases. The concerns in the movie are far from the risk factors and concerns I am speaking about in this essay. I speak of concerns such as data privacy and security risk, accurate information, biases, who will manage artificial intelligence? These are things that the powers that be are still trying figure out. On the consumer side, to what extent is using artificial intelligence cheating? Plagiarism has become a large concern for students.


Future of education

I watched a thought leader of our time that goes by the name of 19 keys. He had an episode titled, Planetary masters, Super AI, Futuristic predictions, Humanoid, Deep Fakes.[1] He interviewed a young gentleman that goes by the name of Mr. Grateful, they had a dialogue about AI and its impact on the world and spoke briefly on the impact on education. Mr. Keys began to speak on something profound which would also tie into a behavioral standpoint as well. 19 keys proposed a question, what if AI could create assessment and profiles for each student? They would take into consideration, upbringing, parents, personality type, background, then teach one student one way and teach another the way that best fits their temperament. This takes out the one size fits all framework of education and makes it fully customizable to the student.


Mr. Grateful added to his point by saying that teachers can act more as nurturers, which is important when it comes to the proper development of adolescents and teens. AI is the teacher, which can also quantify the grades and data points needed to optimize the student's education. The teacher as a nurturer could create a protective space for the child and assure that their learning space is optimal for teaching. These points made by 19 and Mr. Grateful are relative to the development of the children.


Enhanced education through Artificial intelligence 

Personalized education 

The first benefit of AI would be personalization, Llana Hamilton author of the article on Forbes titled, Artificial intelligence in Education: Teachers Opinions on AI in the classroom utilized the term adaptive learning platform. Like briefly mentioned above the AI will have the capacity to adapt to the individual and educate them in ways that best benefits the student. It is difficult for teachers not to exercise bias when teaching or grading papers, AI will take away that bias. It will also alleviate the teachers time for more important task.

Forbes expressed the idea AI powered gaming for education as a benefit for education. They expressed the notion that teachers have always understood the power of gaming and education, the article used Oregon Trails as an example. Although I wasn’t a fan of Oregon Trail word munchers was the game I favored in class, probably why I became a writer.  

Immediate feedback

Immediate feedback is another key point that would further enhance the students experience. Grading is going to be more streamlined, if AI sees a pattern of lacking in a certain subject, AI could immediately suggest tutoring for as well as place more emphasis on the subject in question. Although the articles I read have them separated I believe one leads to another.



We’re living in a unique time; Society has injected the notion of artificial intelligence through movies so when it was launched the notion was widely accepted. Just like any new technology the use cases are uncanny for both right and wrong reasons. If this framework could be materialized for the sake of our growing children, we may finally have education that competes with other countries educational systems.  


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