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Twin Flame Wednesday Episode 5: The brick incident bridging the gender divide

Ever since this video of this young lady getting hit with a brick emerged, the video created an even bigger divide between the sexes, which is something I can’t stand by to watch. If we’re to proceed as a civilization we need to seek understanding and tap into personal accountability. The man who assaulted this woman is no where to be found, so in this very moment, each sex is taking up arms and fighting a moot point. Yes the man should’ve never assaulted her! That’s an obvious point, especially with a brick. When you men get rejected out there you shouldn’t get into your feelings. Take the one L and keep it pushing, don’t compound the L by verbally degrading or physically assaulting her. Anything outside of walking away and going to the next, is hoe shit. For the woman who got assaulted, of course people showed some videos of you speaking poorly about men. You live by the gun you die by it, the same holds true for social media. If you use media to polarize and exclude others what do you expect as a result? For every action there is an opposite reaction what did you think was going to happen, this is what we call a self fulfilling prophecy. Even if those men never seen the video, energy, vibrations speaks on a level humans are just now coming to understand. Men also have intuition, not as strong as women’s but we do. We also have to take time period into consideration, there was a time where two men could fight about shit and grab a drink after. Now a days, men carry Draco’s and 50 round clips. Fighting, for self is one thing but fighting another’s battle that sometimes is a deadman’s bet. Black men are taking a brunt of the barrage from women and that’s not ok. The loud minority is making it bad for the silent majority. I am not opposed to the defense of my woman and in my earlier years enjoyed physical altercations, but I’ve had an experience when even going to protect my woman a gun was drawn on me. I don’t regret the action, but this is legit idea that men now must face. I can understand the hesitancy for a stranger, I’m not saying it’s right. This isn’t a fantasy this is real life. I found myself helping a lady one night with a baby, she needed a ride and against my better nature I allowed her to start strapping her baby in my car to take her where she needed to go. A man walks up, and tells her to get the baby out the car and begins walking around to the drivers side. Upon noticing my leg outside of the car walks back to her and says something’s to her I can’t really hear. The reality is that situation could’ve ended badly. What id like to drive is personal accountability, which is what I am not seeing in these videos and conversations, just pointed fingers. Nobody is obligated to do anything for strangers, it’s a courtesy and like I said in these times the hero can get killed. The young lady had a hematoma the size of a grapefruit and instead of immediately going to the hospital made a video, doubling down on her rhetoric, how about being accountable to self and going to the hospital. For you men out there abusing women, in secret behind closed doors, or vanishing after the act, you men are hoes, beta male’s. There’s no need for that, DM me, I’ll put you on game and teach you how to step your game up and become an Object of Desire. It’ll come with a fee though.

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