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Looking for love in all the wrong places? Try this instead!

I was petitioned by a great woman to share my wisdom on dating and unrealistic expectations. As long as I’ve been alive there were some rules of engagement that men needed to learn in order to be successful in the dating world. The game is still the same but the players have changed, so let’s go a head and create some synchronicity for the sake of the twin flames! In my video I touch on 3 unrealistic goals, 2 that you’re familiar with and 1 introduction of a concept I believe in. Height is something out of all humans control the question is if you found somebody who was 80-90% what you needed but he or she wasn’t the height of preference, would you immediately disqualify them? Secondly, I touch on wage, men having to make 100k or more. In this new evolved and more equal than ever society women are making better than livable wages, that leaves less dangerous jobs for men to do so does them not making 100k or more immediately disqualify them? My third point is about women’s super powers. 🤐 Be sure to tap in to learn how a man views your super power and how to add to it! Yours truly, the rawest, coolest and truest author!

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